Our reservation department is temporarily closed. The fastest way to communicate with staff at this moment is by sending an email to customerservice@lj.travel All emails will be returned as quickly as possible.

Friday, November 3
Update From: Al Ferguson - President of Legendary Journeys

The last ten days have been incredibly difficult. I am watching the best of human nature (and the worst). Regardless, I will be as open, honest and transparent as possible. I will work this problem to conclusion no matter the time to do it. I am trying here. It is my only job. I am responsible and accept it. I am deeply sorry for the situation that is occurring and its affect on you. With that in mind... I want to update you on our progress of the last 9 days.

I would be remiss if I didn’t clearly state that legal action is underway for theft. Former employees have violated Non-Disclosure Agreements and their No Compete employment agreements. Some have suggested we are a right to work state and they are low paying jobs that should allow them to do whatever they wish. HOWEVER, they didn’t pay for the business they stole. They didn't Market it, find the customers, pay for any of the related costs. Instead, they unethically stole proprietary information and contacted my customers and convinced them to cancel and rebook (or transfer) a reservation with a financial incentive to the client. Its unethical even immoral. This theft starts a ball rolling that affects all of us. Additionally, the cancellations in Cuba (state department recommending “no American go”), Caribbean hurricanes, and terrorism have dramatically affected Legendary Journeys business. THESE ARE FACTS. A perfect storm that has been impossible to overcome. And the distribution system and the use of travel agents is different today than when I entered the travel business. Perhaps you don't even want to. THESE ARE FACTS. BUT even with all of this said, I will do everything possible to resolve any issue or claim.

1. WE HAVE COMMUNICATED WITH ALL OF OUR CLIENTS: Every client with a reservation has received an email with great detail of our situation. It is possible that an email did not deliver (for variety of reasons) but if that is the case, just advise us BY EMAIL ONLY and we will resend our summary.

2. MOST PASSENGERS ARE TRAVELING: Lost in all of the discussion (without facts) is that most of our guests are traveling. We do have cancellations and refunds. And we will deal with that. But we had passengers that departed on cruises and tours yesterday, today, tomorrow and…

3. LEGENDARY JOURNEYS HAS CLOSED OPERATIONS: That does not mean we are out of business. It means we are not accepting any new reservations. We are operating with a skeleton crew to administer the closure of Legendary Journeys. We have not disappeared. Hundreds of you have spoken to our staff or communicated by email. THIS IS A FACT. We will continue to operate (while closed) to dissolve substantial assets to reimburse clients that have not traveled or been reimbursed. Then Legendary Journeys will be no more.

4. LEGENDARY JOURNEYS HAS SUBSTANTIAL REAL ESTATE ASSETS TO PROTECT YOU: We own our buildings. We have hired commercial real estate specialists now and they begin the process to sell those assets. All funds through those sales are deposited into an account called LEGENDARY JOURNEYS CUSTOMER REIMBURSEMENT ACCOUNT.

5. LEGENDARY JOURNEYS HAS SUBSTANTIAL OTHER ASSETS TO PROTECT YOU: We own our motor coaches, our transportation, our equipment and other assets related to the business. We have hired transportation specialists now and they begin the process to sell those assets. Again, those funds will cover any refunds due. All funds through those sales are deposited into an account called LEGENDARY JOURNEYS CUSTOMER REIMBURSEMENT ACCOUNT.

6. LEGENDARY JOURNEYS IS COMMUNICATING TO OUR CLIENTS: Every day the most efficient way to communicate with Legendary Journeys is BY EMAIL to customerservice@lj.travel NO OTHER EMAIL AT LEGENDARY JOURNEYS EXISTS. IF you send an email to any other address it is not delivered or seen. ALL emails will receive a reply and your booking invoice has complete communication document summary of your email and our replies. We are now responding to ALL emails within 1 business day. Comments you read to the contrary are FALSE and NOT accurate. Legendary Journeys will continue to communicate with our customers until this closure is resolved. Additionally, Legendary Journeys is communicating by phone. We have a skeleton staff that is answering phones and calling messages back. This process is slower than email however we continue to provide this service. We are now responding to ALL calls within 1 business day. Comments you read to the contrary are FALSE and NOT accurate. My point is that we are going to be open, honest, transparent and my commitment to have Legendary Journeys skeleton staff communicate with you is a VITAL part of this process.

7. WE WILL HAVE A DETAILED SUMMARY UPDATE TO ALL CLIENTS VIA EMAIL BY DECEMBER 1: This will include our progress and a solicitation to you on actual refunds you are due. We have a legal document and legal administration that will speed up the procedure and response. THERE IS NOTHING MORE FOR YOU TO DO NOW until we get to that request. But we will and this entire process will be clear, concise, open and transparent.

8. YOU SHOULD EXPLORE AND PURSUE ALL YOUR OPTIONS: For example, we have advised you have specific rights for Credit Card charge back. We have already posted substantial notifications for card charge backs and have not challenged a single one. They are being processed. IF you have not… we remind you the fastest, most efficient thing you should explore is THIS PROCESS. We are making a public statement to ANY AND ALL Insurance companies that Legendary Journeys HAS CLOSED Its OPERATION AND WILL NOT RE-OPEN. You should explore your options with your insurance as we remind you this is the fastest, most efficient thing for THIS PROCESS.

Finally, I again take full responsibility for these events. I didn’t steal clients. I didn’t create the politics of Cuba. I didn’t create consumer confidence issues in travel because of Hurricanes, the destruction of Caribbean Islands or Terrorism. But I am responsible for the response. I continue to do my best. And I will. My track record of 30 years in the Travel Business proves this. My 20 years of Legendary Journeys seems to prove this as fact. I own my assets. My assets will eventually resolve the issues related to my closure.

To those of you that have said so many wonderful things about our history in travel over these many years… you will never know how that helped me get through some evenings. To those that have said some really untruthful and terrible things... I accept them. I will continue… and will until this is completed... that is all I will do.


Al Ferguson, Legendary Journeys